Bill can adapt to fit on any screen size, from your smart phone to your cinema screen.


Allows complete freedom of design, without getting in the way.

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Bill has been designed in a way that doesn’t limit your creativity or constrain the aesthetic qualities of your design, allowing each website built with Bill to look vastly different from the other.

Open Source

It’s Free, Open Source and easy to use.

Anyone can modify Bill and help in development.

What is Bill?

Bill is a fully responsive web framework, combining advanced CSS, HTML and JS into an easy-to-use 'bootstrap' for rapid web development.

It allows sites to be very quickly built, in a responsive manner, without having to focus too much on how your site will look across the myriad of different browsers and operating systems out there.

More than just CSS

Bill is much more than just a bunch of CSS and Javascript - it also contains a set of other files to ease the development process, such as; a base .htaccess file, error pages (404, 403 etc) and a base .gitignore file.

So, you've got everything you need to get you started, quickly and easily, on your next web project.

Why Bill-Bootstrap?

The term 'bootstrap' means to Improve your situation by your own efforts, which is exactly what we're trying to do.
Also, some early computer systems used a process called 'bootstrapping'. This involved loading 'booting' from a small bit of code, which was then used to progressively load other, more complex bits of code, until the machine was ready for use (had 'booted').

We see Bill as well defined by both of these terms, as we have built a system to improve our web development, but it is also very much a base to be used for developing much larger, more advanced parts of a whole.

The name 'Bill' came around as a joke, based off the term Bootstrap and the fictional character 'Bootstrap Bill', from the film 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

From that, Bill-Bootstrap was born.

Who Built Bill?

Bill started off as the personal hobby of GreenImp, a web developer based in Wales, United Kingdom. It very quickly developed into a much larger project with various people helping along the way.

I'd like to say a thanks to:

  • Kieron Mar - for various styling help, advice and letting me use his iPhone/iPad to test on.
  • Pixie Produce - for designing Bill and all of his crew
  • All the other people that have helped Bill come to fruition and continue to help it's development


Thanks to the following people for the use of their images on this website: