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Note: these are development files and are not advised for use on live environments.

Release history

Here is a list of all of our public releases, so that you can see what has been changed and updated

0.1.0 -

A slightly more major release, this brings many changes and bug fixes.

  • Updates Modernizr to latest current version
  • Fixes slider height issue
  • FIxes display of columns in Modal dialogues
  • Resolves minor conflicts with Google maps & CKEditor
  • Various IE fixes
  • Enhances styling on form elements
  • Removes of demo/sample files from project

You can check our changes here.

0.0.2 to 0.0.4 -

  • Removes all images (using CSS instead)
  • Adds some extra IE detection classes to the html tag
  • Various ie8 fixes
  • Updates Modernizr script to include the html5shiv

You can check our changes here.

0.0.1 -

‚ÄčOur first venture into the wild. Don't let the low version number fool you, it's very feature complete and ready to rock!

You can check our changes here.