Below are some frequently asked questions

Why only partial support for IE8?

Let’s face it, Internet Explorer 8 is old, out-dated and fairly useless. It has been around for a very long time now (released on March 19th 2009) and is so outdated that it cannot handle the basic functionality that all other browsers offer.

Microsoft have also released several newer versions of it’s web browser, making IE8 very out of date. And all Windows machines, after XP, should be automatically updated to the latest version of Internet Explorer.

IE8 only counts for roughly 5.05% of worldwide browser usage (according to Stat Counter - May 2014).

With all of that in mind, Bill should actually work pretty swell in IE8 anyway. You wont see any rounded corners and the grid layout won’t change when you get down to a small screen size, like it does for mobile devices, but we think that’s okay.

Will Bill work on [browser|Device]?

We’ve tried to ensure that Bill works on as many different variations of browsers and Devices as possible.

You can view our full list of supported browsers/devices on our Support page.

If you don’t see your browser on the list, that doesn’t mean that it wont work; it just means that we haven’t tested it yet.
Feel free to let us know if you have any issues with one of our supported browsers.

Can I use Bill commercially?

Short answer: Yes. You can sell something made with Bill.

Bill is licensed under the BSD 2-clause license, which pretty much means that you can use/modify and distribute Bill for commercial and non-commercial products, provided that the copyright notices remain intact.

You can view the full license in our repository.

Where can I get more help?

If you’re a bit stuck or have any Issues with Bill, and you can’t find the answer in the FAQ or documentation, please visit our Contact page to get in touch.